Praise for Gary Saulter's Recipes I've Stolen

We have all ‘stolen’ recipes from others and made them our own. It’s just a part of spending time in the kitchen! You will enjoy learning about where Gary stole his recipes from and why. This cookbook is a fun glance into friends and local Michigan restaurateurs who love eating just as much as they love cooking. In the end, it’s all about making people feel loved by bringing them to your table to share a meal and a memory.
— Jenna Arcidiacono
Executive Chef, Owner, Amore Trattoria
What a great book to have in your library, whether an enthusiastic home cook or even a chef, there is plenty of good info in here. Recipes you may have sought after for years are right here between these two covers. Each with its own story & plenty of useful tips.
— Jared Miller
Executive Chef, The Gilmore Collection